Mark1 is a freelance web designer with satisfied clients across the states. Mark1 has been designing websites professionally for over five years and is exceptionally avid on personal service. I would describe Mark1 as a quick development designer with a passion for web design.

Mike is a longtime artist, an admirer of computers, web design, marketing, and a work in progress. I’ve worked in many environments, from mega- business-owned to small corporations. I intended to be an artist, however, I went to school for advertising and marketing. I was entirely motivated for those two years because I wanted to make sure that I could develop system interfaces, language, and graphics. By applying these tools to web design, I’ve encountered pictures that are human-friendly, vibrant, aesthetically pleasing, on-brand, and usable-with a slight touch of mellow smoothness. Including a workflow of diagram and printing to detailed user interface websites’. I am Currently a contractor/pre-press for significant printing companies in New Orleans, Louisiana, as follows; a Web designer, Advertising for Buck Taylor, and a Contractor for Haunted tours in New Orleans, Louisiana. I’m capable of a wide range of tactical and picture design tasks.

Mike’s Characteristics: Besides design, I am into gaming, computers, and art projects. I share a lot of interests with friends on the following platforms: 

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    Websites I create: My website, as an example: is fast, lean, and secure. I Purposefully keep the website’s core lean with a powerful tag-based template language that provides your consumers/guests a wealth of ways to embark on the structure of their website. Google serves all fonts.

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