Buck Taylor's Western Art

This is the website of the wonderful actor, Mr. Buck Taylor.  He is most famous for his role as Newly in the hit western “Gunsmoke”.  But not only he is a great actor but a fantastic artist! Mr. Taylor help to immortalize his past roles as a well as the history of the West with his fantastic watercolor artwork.

The Danny Barker Banjo and Guitar Festival

This is second iteration of the Danny Barker Banjo and Guitar Festival (of which I designed both).  We are proud to announce that we are now in the process of celebrating our 8th festival this year.  I also created and manage the facebook and twitter accounts as well as design all of our printed materials.  We also will be having many events throughout the year so come check us out often to stay up to date.

70' to 74' Plus a Little Bit More

I worked with the wonderful and talented Sidney Smith, owner of Haunted History Tours, on creating a fantastic book featuring photography he did with the Allman Brothers Band throughout their lives. Not only did I do the layout for the book and restored a lot of the older photos, I also created this website as well as the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.  I also shot and created the videos you see on the website. Come check it out to experience one of the great rock bands in American history!!

Detroit Brook's personal website

I have been working with Mr. Detroit Brooks for about 10 years now.  Not only has he turned me on to the wonderful stylings of Jazz Music but also has become a wonderful friend as well.  We will soon be rebuilding his website to reflect on his new accomplishments but for now come and see this legend in the making.

Wendel Printing's website

Larry Wendel starting his business over 50 years ago in his backyard using a press his uncle gave him.  He grew his business and now is located in New Orleans East.  And in 2002, he get me my first real job and taught me a lot about the industry.  I continue to work with him on have my designed jobs professional printed.

Sidney Smith's Rockstar Photos

This is Mr. Sidney Smith’s second website that I developed for him. It not only follows the Allman Brother’s Band, but also many other rock stars he his had the honor of photographing, such as Steven Tyler, The Who, Bruce Springsteen and many, many more! All of these photos are original and can’t be found anywhere else!

Justin's Coast Art

Justin Smith is Mr. Sidney Smith son and talent definitely runs in the family!  His website portrays his fantastic talent for art with his creation of custom coaster of his experiences in his life.  He has many different types of coasters he offers, whether it be scenes of the Allman Brothers, New Orleans or places he has visited.

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